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SI Analytics®
Automatic Titrators TitroLine® 5000

Very compact titrator for simple routine titrations. Thanks to the standard methods the creating of methods is no longer required. Just load the method and press the start button. GLP compliant results with titration curve can be documented on a connected printer or USB-memory stick.
  • Incl. hoses, fittings and titration tip, controller TZ 3880, titration clamp Z 305, stand rod TZ 1748, magnetic stirrer TM 50 and power supply 100 to 240 V.
  • Keyboard: the unit is operated using the keys on the device itself, the controller TZ 3880 and optional PC-keyboard (USB).
  • Display: graphics-capable TFT display.
  • Dosing units: 20 or 50 ml dosing unit, interchangeable.
  • Conformity: ISO 8655, part 6.
  • CE-mark: EMC: 2004/108/EG; safety EG- Directive 2006/95.

Possible titration modes:
  • Titrations to pH, mV and µA endpoint (2 EP).
  • Titrations to one equivalence point (pH und mV) with dynamic or linear titration addition.
  • Manual titrations with the controller.
  • Dosing tasks.
  • Number of methods: 5.

Typical applications:
  • Salt content in foodstuffs (cheese, soy sauce, ketchup).
  • Total acidity in wine and beverages.
  • Nitrogen acc. to Kjeldahl.
  • Chloride in drinking water and other samples.
  • Alkalinity (p + m-value).
  • FOS/TAC.
Technical Data:
Measuring input electrode:pH / mV-input with DIN or BNC socket
Temperature:for resistance probes Pt 1000 (socket: 2 x 4 mm)
Interfaces:1 x USB A and 1 x USB-B, 2 x RS232-C
Stirrer connection:TM 50 power supply directly through piston burette
Burette resolution:8000
Dosing accuracy:systematic error 0.15 %, random error 0.07 %, in compliance with EN ISO 8655-6
Mains supply:100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
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 TL 5000/20 M1 basic unitwith 20 ml dosing unit TZ 313015437340-Login / Registration
 TL 5000/50 M1 basic unitwith 50 ml dosing unit TZ 316015437341-Login / Registration
 TL 5000/20 M2 basic unitwith 20 ml dosing unit TZ 3130, pH combination electrode and buffer set15437342-Login / Registration
 TL 5000/50 M2 basic unitwith 50 ml dosing unit TZ 3160, pH combination electrode and buffer set15437343-Login / Registration
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