Benchtop Draining Racks

The stable rods are individually placed into the holes of the draining rack and are clicked into place. Their positions can be changed at any time. Using a combination of rods of 3 different lengths (60, 100 mm and extension to 150 mm), the draining rack can be adapted to any apparatus which is to be dried.
  • Draining rack made of PVC.
  • Incl. spanner for the rods.
  • Flexible, can be used on both sides.

Items supplied:
Draining rack, benchtop, with collecting pan and rods.
(L x W)
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 400 x 400with rods 5 x 60 mm, 26 x 100 mm and 2 x 150 mm15429361-Login / Registration
 500 x 500with rods 10 x 60 mm, 39 x 100 mm and 4 x 150 mm15429362-Login / Registration
 600 x 600with rods 15 x 60 mm, 56 x 100 mm and 6 x 150 mm15429363-Login / Registration