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Thermo Scientific
Locator PLUS Rack- and Box Systems

Available with or without ultrasonic level monitor, Thermo Scientific Locator PLUS indexed rack and box systems allow quick, efficient sample retrieval and offer cost-effective max. storage capacity (up to 6000 samples) combined with min. liquid nitrogen consumption.
  • Outstanding temperature uniformity: samples are stored below - 180 °C even when less than 5 cm of liquid nitrogen remains in the vessel.
  • Ultrasonic Level Monitor safeguards irreplaceable samples with min. liquid nitrogen evaporation and conduction.
  • Monitor provides continuous LED readout of liquid nitrogen level in 1/8 increments.
  • Optional alarm sounds when nitrogen level falls below safe range.
  • Advanced vacuum insulation min. liquid nitrogen evaporation and reduces operating costs.
  • Secure locking clasp prevents unauthorised entry.
  • Incl. st. steel racks designed for use with 5 cm Thermo Scientific Nalgene cryogenic boxes (larger racks available for 5.0 ml ampoules in Locator Jr. PLUS and Locator 4 PLUS).
Technical Data:
Neck Ø
Locator Jr PLUS / 4 PLUS / 6 PLUS:21.5 cm
Locator 8 PLUS:15.2 cm
Exterior dimensions (Ø x H)
Locator Jr PLUS:558 x 733 mm
Locator 4 PLUS:558 x 953 mm
Locator 6 PLUS:660 x 953 mm
Locator 8 PLUS:558 x 972 mm
 TypeNo. of vials
2 ml / 5 ml
l / day
PUOrder No.in Stock  
 Locator Jr PLUS with 4 racks for 5 boxes of 5 cm height each2000 / 648610.858315432427-Login / Registration
 Locator Jr PLUS with level monitor2000 / 648610.858315432428-Login / Registration
 Locator 4 PLUS with 4 racks for 10 boxes of 5 cm height each4000 / 16201210.9912215432429-Login / Registration
 Locator 4 PLUS with level monitor4000 / 16201210.9912215432430-Login / Registration
 Locator 6 PLUS with 6 racks for 10 boxes of 5 cm height each6000 / 24301750.9918515432431-Login / Registration
 Locator 6 PLUS with level monitor6000 / 24301750.9918515432432-Login / Registration
 Locator 8 PLUS with 8 racks for 10 boxes of 76 / 76 / 50 mm height2000 / -1210.6020115432433-Login / Registration
 Locator 8 PLUS with level monitor2000 / -1210.6020115432434-Login / Registration
Static evaporation rates are based on new container performance with no lid openings and no product loads. Actual working performance may vary with individual applications.
Further systems and comprehensive accessories are available.