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pH Meter HandyLab 700 Sets

The portable HandyLab meters with Memosens® technology of highest measuring safety and max. usability in laboratories, technical centers, field and process.
  • Temperature.
  • The instruments have 2 measuring connections: Memosens® and analogue pH and Redox electrodes.
  • Self-explanatory operation with one clear text line.
  • Display of the sensor status at one glance with Sensoface.
  • Calibration of up to 3 points with automatic buffer detection.
  • Manual calibration by indicating random buffer values.
  • Real-time clock and display of the battery charging status.
  • Contrast-rich and scratch-resistant clear glass LCD display.
  • Very long operating time of more than 1000 h with standard batteries (4 x AA).
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 pH meter HandyLab 700 - AL90pHwith AquaLine 90 pH, cable K1A and DIN buffers in ampoules15437328-Login / Registration
 pH meter HandyLab 700 - PL83120NMSNwith PL83120 NMSN, cable NMSN1M8 and DIN buffers in ampoules15437329-Login / Registration