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arium® comfort I Systems

arium® comfort I Systems  Sartorius
arium® comfort I Systems Sartorius
arium® comfort I systems with iJust function, reverse osmosis combined with deionisation system, for producing ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water and Type 3 pure water, incl. TOC monitor.

Compact, environmentally friendly, reliable and easy-to-use arium® comfort I for producing ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water and Type 3 pure water combined in a single system. The system contains state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology and an unique cartridge specially for the production of the highest quality ultrapure water. Compared to conventional water systems, the arium® comfort I optimises water consumption using the integrated iJust control unit. This unique display with touch function and intuitive menu navigation ensures the most ease of use. With the integrated TOC monitor, its compact design, the flexible display and the SD card slot, the arium® comfort I is the optimal choice for any critical laboratory applications.
  • The integrated UV lamp (185 / 254 nm) avoids microbiological growth and reduces the content of TOC to a minimum.
  • Reproducible and reliable results are guaranteed due to the low TOC content < 2 ppb.
  • Space-saving Twin Technology.
  • Display with touch function and intuitive menu.

iJust is based on an innovative technology which optimises the water production. The intelligent arium® software controls a valve at the concentrate outlet acc. to measurement data for CaCO3 and CO2. iJust thereby optimises product water quality and water consumption.
  • Premium product water quality at all times.
  • Optimised, economic water consumption.
  • Guaranteed longer life of down-stream ultrapure water systems.

HPLC, GC-MS, AAS, ICP-MS, ion chromatography, TOC analysis, photometry, buffer an pH-solutions, feed water for laboratory devices, such as autoclaves, glassware washers etc.

Items supplied:
1 arium® comfort I, 2 reverse osmosis modules, UV lamp, TOC monitor and connection set.
Technical Data:
Water purification methods:adsorption by spherical activated carbon, catalyst, reverse osmosis, deionisation, UV radiation, optional final particle and sterile filtration
Dimensions (W x H x D):43.5 x 50.1 x 47.6 cm
Empty / operating weight:23 / 31 kg
Operating temperature:2 to 35 °C at max. 80 % r. h.
Storage temperature:5 to 45 °C at max. 80 % r. h.
Data output:SD card slot, RS232 interface
Mains supply:100 to 240 V AC
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 arium® comfort I, wall-mounted systemwith integrated wall bracket, incl. TOC Monitor54323431Login / Registration-
Please ask for specifications of product water- and feed water quality.
For using the device as a built-in unit, please order a comparable bench-top unit and the conversion kit Order No. 6008244.
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