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Tank System arium® bagtanks

Sartorius  Tank System arium® bagtanks
Sartorius Tank System arium® bagtanks
For usage with system types arium® comfort I and comfort II, arium® advance RO and advance EDI.

Pure water is stored in the innovative, closed arium® bagtank system. Here, the prepared pure water is securely protected from secondary contaminations. The system enables high water quality over an extended period, thereby providing for longterm, reproducible results. In contrast to typical water tanks, the arium® bag provides a high degree of user safety and saves time by the elemination of complex sanitisation processes with chemicals. arium® bagtanks are housings that are equipped with arium® bags.

The arium® bagtanks are available in 20, 50 and 100 l volumes. Their space-saving design is adaptable to any laboratory environment. Integrated distribution pumps are standard components of the 50 and 100 l bagtanks. An optional additional pump is also available for a 20 l bagtank. Also available is a wall bracket for a space-saving and user-friendly installation of the arium® bagtank 20.
  • Integrated venting filter with check valve securely protects against CO2 contamination.
  • Optional rollers provide highest flexibility.
  • Easy replacement of arium® bags, with no time-consuming sanitisation.
  • High operation safety, no use of cleaning agents.
Water dispensing flow rate
With pump*:
With pump, dispense gun and sterile-grade filter*:

up to 3.0 l / min
up to 2.0 l / min
Without pump**:up to 1.5 l / min
Technical Data:
Materials arium® bagtank:st. steel, plastics
Materials arium® bag:S71 film
Materials tubing:PE, silicone
No. of bags per tank:bagtank 20: 1 x 20 l
bagtank 50: 1 x 50 l
bagtank 100: 2 x 50 l
Operating temperature:2 to 35 °C at max. 80 % r. h.
Storage temperature:5 to 45 °C at max. 80 % r. h.
Water connection input:1 x 3/8" PLC quick coupling
Water connection output:bagtank 20: 1 x 3/8" PLC quick coupling
bagtank 50 / 100: 2 x 3/8" PLC quick coupling
Mains supply**:240 V AC, 50 Hz
empty / full
Order No.PU Availability
 arium® bagtank 20 l, without pump80.8 x 16.6 x 43.719 / 4054323331Login / Registration-
 arium® bagtank 50 l, with pump85.2 x 25.4 x 58.733 / 8454323341Login / Registration-
 arium® bagtank 100 l, with pump85.2 x 51.4 x 58.747 / 14854323351Login / Registration-
 arium® 20 l bag for arium® 20 l bagtank86.5 x 43.0-54323382Login / Registration-
 arium® 50 l bag for arium® 50 and 100 l bagtank90.0 x 58.1-54323391Login / Registration1
 Pump arium® bagtank 20 l--54323361Login / Registration-
 Wall bracket for arium® bagtank 20--54323401Login / Registration-
 Rollers for arium® bagtank 50 / 100 l, incl. fittings--54323371Login / Registration-
* bagtank 20 is supplied without pump, pump optionally available.
** Value only applies for bagtank 20 dispensing site at the same height or lower than the tank connection. Mains supply of 115 V AC is available on request.
Dimensions without rollers and wall brackets.