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Worthington Industries, CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton
Accessories for Dry Shippers - Series CX

Data Logger:
Permits uninterrupted monitoring and logging of the temperature inside the CX shippers. This is indispensable in the case of valuable samples. The logger and thermocouple temperature sensor are contained within a modified neck plug, therefore avoiding trailing wires or extra boxes which could become damaged or detached in transit.
The logger complies with the following standards:
  • EMC Directive 89 / 336 / EEC.
  • RTCA DO-160D Sect. 21.4, Radiated Emission - Cat. B (for safe operation on board aircraft).
Technical Data:
Data Logger:
Measuring range: - 199 to + 40 °C
(accuracy ± 3 °C)
Logging:max. 8192 temperature
measurements in non-volatile memory
Logging intervals:can be set: 1 to 30 min
Battery life:min. 5 years
(non-rechargeable lithium battery)
PC interface:for setting up, collection and analysis of data
LED status:indication for recording (active / standby) and battery condition
LED indication:of too high temperature
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