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Tube Mill control

IKA®  Tube Mill control
IKA®  Tube Mill control
IKA®  Tube Mill control
IKA®  Tube Mill control
IKA® Tube Mill control
Disposable grinding tube system for safe, instant and precise milling results. Its unique and compact design makes the unit space saving and ultra-portable. The disposable grinding chamber eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination and saves on cleaning costs and time. The ability to cool the sample with dry ice expands the application range enormously.

After grinding, a part of the sample will be analysed. The remaining sample can either be discarded or it can be stored as a reference sample directly in the grinding chamber. In the later case, grinding chambers can be labelled and either stored in a refrigerator or in a drying room. Reference samples can be re-analysed and traced at any time.
  • Disposable grinding chamber.
  • No cleaning of the tube system is required, the user is safe from aerosol formation that frequently occurs during cleaning procedures.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Clearly arranged, multi-lingual OLED display, error code display.
  • Dust-proof sealed housing.
  • High level of user safety.
  • Interval operation available.
  • Easy operation with touch keypad.
  • Adjustable safety speed and time.
  • USB interface to control and document all the parameters and for updating the firmware.
Technical Data:
Process type:batch
Operating principle:impact
Motor rating input / output:100 / 80 W
Speed range:
Speed display:
5000 to 25000 min-1
Useful volume:
Duty cycle (ON / OFF):
40 ml
5 s to 5 min (timer)
Overload protection:yes
Circumferential speed:65 m / s
Max. feed hardness:5 Mohs
Max. feed grain size:10 mm
Grinding chamber material:transparent plastic (PP)
Dimensions (W x D x H):180 x 300 x 170 mm
Weight:2.7 kg
Permissible ambient temperature:
Permissible relative moisture:
5 to 40 °C
80 %
Protection class acc. to DIN EN 60529:IP 30
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