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- 86 °C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers New Brunswick Innova®

Innova® ultra-low temperature lab freezers use an ultra-efficient vacuum insulation panel technology to provide the ultimate in space and power efficiency.
  • Inner doors easily lift off without tools for defrosting and cleaning.
  • Heated air vent with spring-assisted plunger to break ice prevents vacuum formation, allowing door to be re-opened quickly.
  • Bright LED display; a flat touch-keypad for easy cleaning.
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Outside dimens­ions
(W x D x H)
For box size
PUOrder No.in Stock  
New Brunswick Innova® U101 upright freezer101480 x 330 x 640900 x 566 x 830600 x 50 (H) Boxes11615432008-Login / Registration
New Brunswick Innova® U360 upright freezer360440 x 615 x 1365670 x 867 19502520 x 50 H) Boxes27015432009-Login / Registration
New Brunswick Innova® U535 upright freezer535640 x 615 x 1365800 x 867 x 19503360 x 50 (H) Boxes25015432010-Login / Registration
New Brunswick Innova® U725 upright freezer725865 x 615 x 13651025 x 867 x 19505040 x 50 (H) Boxes31515432011-Login / Registration
New Brunswick Innova® C585 chest freezer5851200 x 625 x 7801690 x 785 x 10924160 x 50 (H) Boxes24015432012-Login / Registration
New Brunswick Innova® C760 chest freezer7601560 x 625 x 7802050 x 785 x 10925720 x 50 (H) Boxes28515432013-Login / Registration
Accessories and further equipment are available on request.
Only available in Germany.