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CO2 Incubators New Brunswick Galaxy®

  • Unique direct heating in all 6 walls.
  • Interior design without fan, made of one piece of st. steel.
  • Deep-drawn incubation chamber without any edges and corners from 14 to 170 l volume.
  • Infrared CO2 sensor with AutoZero function and heated viewing window on the outside door.
  • Large LCD intuitive display with 72 h data logging and easy access to setpoints and alarms.

New Brunswick Galaxy® R series:
Full-featured unit with full choice of options incl. O2 control, active humidification, high-temperature disinfection, active UV sterilisation and refrigeration. The Galaxy® incubators of 170 series provide 170 l usable volume in a perfectly controlled incubating environment and large space at a small footprint. They are stackable, shelves can easily be removed for cleaning purposes.

New Brunswick Galaxy® S series:
A full-featured unit with an LED control system and high-temperature disinfection as special equipment.
 TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock  
New Brunswick Galaxy® 48R-15431986-on demand 
New Brunswick Galaxy® 170 Swith high temperature decontamination15192213-Login / Registration
New Brunswick Galaxy® 170 Rwith high temperature decontamination15444839-Login / Registration
Accessories and further equipment are available on request.
Only available in Germany.