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Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Elmasonic S 50 R

Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Elmasonic S 50 R  Elma
Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Elmasonic S 50 R Elma
Ultrasonic unit for the cleaning of analysing sieves, the degassing of HPLC solvents and the processing of samples. Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic modes and special predefined programmes assist every standard laboratory and cleaning application. Sieve analysis as a standard process in the analytical laboratory or in the food and environmental laboratory works perfectly only if the particles are removed from the sieve to the last grain.
  • Analysing sieve supported by the sieve holder is placed into the ultrasonic tank.
  • Special 'sieve cleaning' programme uses two ultrasonic modes alternatingly.
  • HPLC solvents are degassed in Erlenmeyer flasks or in 1 l solvent bottles.
  • Another feature is the ultrasonic mode 'sample prep.' for standard applications such as mixing, dissolving, cleaning etc.
  • Special efficient and noise-reduced degas mode (gas liftout effect).
  • High-performance 37 kHz transducer.
  • User-friendly clearly arranged operating panel.
  • Turning knob for setting continued and short-period operation from 1 to 30 min.
  • LED display for both pre-set and actual temperature and for the remaining operating time.
  • Connection rack for laboratory holder, noise-reduced operation.
  • Detachable mains cable.
  • Plastic carrying handles.
  • CE compliant.
Technical Data:
Outer dimensions (Ø x H):260 x 350 mm
Tank internal dimensions (Ø x H):240 x 130 mm
Basket internal dimensions (Ø x H):220 x 70 mm
Max. filling capacity:5.3 l
Weight:5.0 kg
Material tank / housing:st. steel
Protection class:IP 20
Ultrasonic frequency:37 kHz
Power consumption total:150 W
Ultrasonic power effective:150 W
Max. ultrasonic peak performance*:600 W
Mains supply:230 / 115 / 100 V AC
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* The signal form of the wave results in a factor 4 for the ultrasonic
peak performance.
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