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Filtering Apparatus, Complete

DWK Life Sciences  Filtering Apparatus, Complete
Filtering apparatus made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Apart from the glass, the medium only comes into chemical contact with PTFE. That is why the apparatus can be used to filter virtually any chemical.

The PTFE disc holder allows both glass filters of different porosities and slitsieve discs to be used. Thanks to the range of porosities available with glass filters (10 to 160 µm), analytical filtration can be carried out in addition to coarse and fine filtration.

The filtering apparatus is suitable for filtration and purification of aqueous and organic solutions as well as for paticulate contamination analysis and preparation of HPLC media.
  • Only glass and PTFE come in contact with the medium.
  • Removable filter discs ensure easy cleaning.
  • Slit-sieve disc included to hold filter papers and membrane filters (Ø 47 mm).
  • Gratuated filter head.
  • Reliable plastic hose connection (suitable for tubes with ID 8 mm).
  • All components available as replacement parts.
  • Incl. PTFE insert and clamp, DURAN® filtering flask.
Filtering flask
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As a vacuum is created in the bottle during filtration, use of the DURAN® pressure plus+ laboratory bottle is recommended.
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