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Heathrow Scientific
smartSpatula® Disposable Spatulas

Convenient, single-use, multifunction tools for scooping, scraping and stirring.
  • Double-ended.
  • PP.
  • Shatter resistant for liquid nitrogen frozen samples.
  • No mitts required when used with hot or cold media: hollow core minimises thermal transfer.
  • Resistant to dilute acids and bases.
  • Autoclavable for sterile applications.
  • Comply with FDA regulations for food-contact.
  • Ideal for sterile preps in compliance with USP 797.
  • EcoSpatula™ spatulas are produced with an EcoPure® additive, which helps promote biodegradation.
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Standard, spoon / scoop210bluespoon for 15 ml, scoop for 0.5 ml tubes30054318827 Login / Registration
Standard, spoon / scoop210opaquespoon for 15 ml, scoop for 0.5 ml tubes30054318835 Login / Registration
Antistatic, spade design140opaquespade for 0.2 ml tubes30054318845 Login / Registration
Standard, spoon / pick310greenspoon for 50 ml tubes, pick breaks up salts15054318853 Login / Registration
Sterile, spoon / scoop210opaquespoon for 15 ml, scoop for 0.5 ml tubes10054318866 Login / Registration
EcoSpatula™, spoon / scoop140opaquespoon for 15 ml, scoop for 0.5 ml tubes30054318871 Login / Registration