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Combitips advanced®, Eppendorf Quality

High-precision dispensing regardless of the density and viscosity of the liquid acc. to the positive displacement principle. Prevents aerosol contamination with hermetically sealed piston for secure dispensing and provides protection from radioactive and toxic substances. A quick dispensing of long series with precise, repeated dispensing of identical volumes is possible.
  • Multipette® plus, Multipette stream® / Multipette Xstream® connection: automatic Combitip® recognition and volume calculation.
  • Ergonomic design: funnel geometry prevents damage to gloves and ensures comfortable handling.
  • Individually colour coded: quick identification of the desired Combitips® facilitates the workflow (colour coding is also visible on packaging).
  • Elongated tips (for 2.5, 5 and 10 ml): complete emptying of all common tubes prevents sample loss.
  • Optimised graduation: visibility of liquid volume.
  • Certified and free from lubricants.

Dispenser box with extricable chute (for Eppendorf Quality and PCR clean):
  • Combitips advanced® are always within reach.
  • 100 Combitips® in 4 bags each.
  • Simpe, safe and dust-free storage.
  • Simple size recognition - colour code on the label.
  • 25 / 50 ml Combitips® with 25 pcs per box; each box incl. one adapter.
  • Perforated bags.
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