Analytik Jena 

Analytik Jena
Low Voltage Power Supply Standard Power Packs

Designed to cover a wide range of applications from mini vertical or horizontal and high-througput electrophoresis to blotting. Alternatively with or without timer function.
  • Constant voltage and current.
  • A user-friendly membrane keypad combined with one large knob makes operation very simple.
  • Current: 0 to 500 mA at 0 to 400 V, 0 to 1000 mA at 0 to 200 V.
  • Voltage and current adjustable in 1 V resp. 1 mA steps.
  • 4 parallel connections (max. 4 electrophoresis units).
  • Incl. manual.
 TypeDescriptionPUOrder Stock 
P25 Standard Power Packwithout timer function15431407-Login / Registration
P25T Standard Power Packwith timer function 1 to 1999 min, adjustable in 1 min steps15431408-Login / Registration