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Gas Cylinder Cabinets - G30

Gas Cylinder Cabinets - G30  asecos®
Gas Cylinder Cabinets - G30  asecos®
Gas Cylinder Cabinets - G30  asecos®
Gas Cylinder Cabinets - G30 asecos®
Approved storage of up to four 50 l gas cylinders in buildings acc. to DIN EN 14470-2 (Type G90), TRGS 510 and TRGS 526.

Protection against fire: fire protection, short pipe ways, direct installation in the working room. Ideal for clean gas supply.

Technical description:
  • Large interior height (1874 mm), easy mounting of connecting pipes and pressure reducing regulators.
  • Profile cylinder (integration in an existing locking system possible).
  • Adjusting aids to compensate for uneven floor.
  • Standard fitted with earthing link.
  • Rolling ramp: fixed installed inside the cabinet.
  • Cylinder retainer (flexibly adjustable in depth) across the entire width of the cabinet with matching tension belts.
  • Distance bottle holder with tension belts: across the total width of the cabinet.
  • Ventilation: complete, constant ventilation in the interior of the cabinet (basement up to the ceiling).

Interior equipment supplied:
Mounting rails, cylinder retainer with tension belts, rolling ramp optionally in version Standard or Comfort. No pressure reducing regulators are included with delivery.
Rolling in shutterStandard
 ModelForColourOutside dimens­ions
(W x D x H)
DoorsOrder No.PU Availability 
G30.205.060*2 x 50 l bottleslight grey598 x 616 x 2050290154210931Login / Registration- 
 G30.205.060*2 x 50 l bottleswarning yellow598 x 616 x 2050290154210941Login / Registration- 
 G30.205.0903 x 50 l bottleslight grey898 x 616 x 2050340254210891Login / Registration-
G30.205.0903 x 50 l bottleswarning yellow898 x 616 x 2050340254210901Login / Registration-
G30.205.1204 x 50 l bottleslight grey1198 x 616 x 2050485254210911Login / Registration-
 G30.205.1204 x 50 l bottleswarning yellow1198 x 616 x 2050485254210921Login / Registration-
G30.205.1404 x 50 l bottleslight grey1398 x 616 x 2050545254210951Login / Registration-
G30.205.1404 x 50 l bottleswarning yellow1398 x 616 x 2050545254210961Login / Registration-
* Standard with left hinged door. Optionally available as right hinged door.
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