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Heating Bath Circulators HBC 5 / 10 control

Heating Bath Circulators HBC 5 / 10 control  IKA
Heating Bath Circulators HBC 5 / 10 control IKA
The HBC 5 / 10 control circulating baths heat up to a max. temperature of 250 °C and are equipped with a high-quality st. steel bath with a filling volume of 5 to 7 resp. 8 to 13 l. The colour graphic TFT display illustrates all relevant process data. The user can switch from internal to external temperature regulation with only one key. The large surface of the radiator allows for an optimum heat exchange and a smooth warming of the medium.

Push and turn buttons for intuitive multilingual menu navigation. The bath has a front drain valve for safe emptying. To drain the system, a hose is connected so that the user does not have direct contact with the tempering fluid. Thanks to the innovative WiCo wireless controller, the unit can be operated from a distance of up to 10 m.
  • Wireless controller (WiCo) enables safe operation, e. g. in front of a closed fume hood.
  • Large easy-to-read TFT display for temperature, pump speed, filling level and safety temperature.
  • Integrated cooling coil.
  • Powerful, speed controlled pressure / suction pump.
  • Adjustable safety circuit.
  • Safety classification III (FL) acc. to DIN 12876.
  • Incl. PT100 temperature probe.
  • Electronic timer function: 0 to 99 h 59 min.
  • Optical and acoustic warning function.
  • Connection of a magnetic valve possible.
  • USB- / RS 232 interface for controlling and supervising of the units via labworldsoft® and for online firmware updates.
Technical Data:
Heat output:2500 W
Working temperature range:20 to 250 °C
Working temperature display:TFT
Temperature stability DIN 12876:± 0.01 K
Adjustable safety circuit range:0 to 260 °C
Pump pressure (0 l discharge flow):max. 0.61 bar
Pump pressure suction side (0 l flow):max. 0.45 bar
Pump pressure (0 bar back pressure):max. 31 l / min
Interfaces:USB, RS232
 TypeBath capacity
Order No.PU Availability 
HBC 5 control4.5 to 6.554317201Login / Registration-
HBC 10 control7.5 to 10.554317211Login / Registration-
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