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STL Membrane Circles

Membrane for microbiological quality control. Improved version of sterile, individually packed folded band (STL) of membranes to be compatible with most available membrane dispensers. STL membranes are widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to determine microbial contaminants.
  • High mechanical strength means that the membranes will not rupture.
  • Sterile, individually packed, folded (STL) band of filters are housed in dispenser boxes with numbered membrane filters for easy removal and safe handling with a membrane dispenser.
  • Single sterile (ST) packed filters are also available.
  • Combination of high flow rate and membrane composition from standard mixed cellulose esters for faster processes.
  • Hydrophilic membranes are specifically made for aqueous solutions.
  • All membrane filters have a highcontrast grid which allows convenient counting of the microbial colonies.
  • Highest quality assurance and performance standards.
Pore size
DescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock 
 MicroPlus-21 STLwhite470.45cellulose nitrate, 3.1 mm black grid4005432282-Login / Registration
 MicroPlus-21 STLwhite500.45cellulose nitrate, 3.1 mm black grid4005432283-Login / Registration
 MicroPlus-31 STLblack470.45cellulose nitrate, 3.1 mm white grid4005432284-Login / Registration
 MicroPlus-31 STLblack500.45cellulose nitrate, 3.1 mm white grid4005432285-Login / Registration
 MicroPlus-41 STLgreen470.45cellulose nitrate, 3.1 mm black grid4005428615-Login / Registration
 MicroPlus-41 STLgreen500.45cellulose nitrate, 3.1 mm black grid4005428616-Login / Registration
 ME 25/21 STLwhite470.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid4005428617-Login / Registration
 ME 25/21 STLwhite500.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid4005428618-Login / Registration
 ME 25/31 STLblack470.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm white grid4005432290-Login / Registration
 ME 25/31 STLblack500.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm white grid4005432291-Login / Registration
 ME 25/41 STLgreen470.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid4005432292-Login / Registration
 ME 25/41 STLgreen500.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid4005432293-Login / Registration
 ME 24white470.2mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid4005432294-Login / Registration
 ME 24white500.2mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid4005432295-Login / Registration
 ME 25white500.45mixed esters, 5 mm black grid4005432296-Login / Registration
 ME 27white500.8mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid100005432297-Login / Registration
 ME 25 Select 21 STwhite470.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid15432298-Login / Registration
 ME 25 Select 21 STwhite500.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid15432299-Login / Registration
 ME 25 Select 21 STLwhite470.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid15432301-Login / Registration
 ME 25 Select 21 STLwhite500.45mixed esters, 3.1 mm black grid15432300-Login / Registration