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Heating Bath Circulators HBC 5 / 10 basic

The HBC 5 / 10 basic circulating baths heat up to a max. temperature of 200 °C and are equipped with a high-quality st. steel bath with a filling volume of 5 to 7 resp. 8 to 13 l. The large surface of the radiator allows for an optimum heat exchange and a smooth warming of the medium. Thanks to the superior isolation, heating up times are remarkably fast.

The easy to clean bath has a front drain valve for safe emptying. To drain the system, a hose is connected so that the user does not have direct contact with the tempering fluid.
  • Integrated cooling coil.
  • Adjustable safety circuit.
  • Powerful, speed-controlled pressure / suction pump.
  • Push and turn buttons for an intuitive menu navigation.
  • Large easy-to-read LED display for pump speed and temperature.
  • Incl. external temperature probe PT 100.
  • Optical and acoustic warning functions.
  • USB / RS 232 interface for PC control and documentation using labworldsoft® and for online firmware updates.
Technical Data:
Heat output:2500 W
Working temperature range:20 to 250 °C
Working temperature display:LED
Temperature stability DIN 12876:± 0.02 K
Adjustable safety circuit range:0 to 270 °C
Pump type:pressure- / suction pump
Pump pressure (0 l discharge flow):max. 0.61 bar
Pump pressure suction side (0 l flow):max. 0.45 bar
Pump pressure (0 bar back pressure):max. 31 l / min
Interfaces:USB, RS232
 TypeBath capacity
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