BOLA Scrubber Bottles Vitrum

Bohlender  BOLA Scrubber Bottles Vitrum
Bohlender  BOLA Scrubber Bottles VitrumBohlender  BOLA Scrubber Bottles Vitrum    
Consisting of PTFE body with screw cap and 2 lateral GL 18 threaded necks, suitable bottle made of borosilicate glass as well as a FEP inlet tube and a gas distributor with finest bores. Easy in- and outlet of gas by means of hard-walled tubing (e. g. PTFE) which can be connected to the threaded necks with BOLA loaboratory screw joints. Elastic tubing can be connected by means of hose connectors. The body of the distributor can be turned independently from the screw cap. This means, that the completely assembled distributor can be removed and fixed on another bottle without the risk of disarranging the tubing.
Technical Data:
Material:borosilicate glass 3.3
Temperature resistance:- 200 to + 250 °C
Chemical resistance:+++ universal
Autoclavable:121 °C
Thread of
screw cap
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