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Certified Microvolume Inserts for Wide Opening Vials

To meet microsampling needs, Agilent has a variety of microvolume inserts with capacities and designs that can transform our vials from full-capacity to limited volume with one simple step.

Microvolume inserts are certified to work with all certified vials for excellent fit with Agilent autosamplers.
MaterialPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Conical, with polymer feet and mandrel interior, deactivated250glass1003105181887210 Login / Registration
 Conical, pulled-point250glass100310518320856 Login / Registration
 Flat bottom400glass5003105181337743 Login / Registration
 Flat bottom, deactivated400glass50031051832086-Login / Registration
 Flat bottom400PP50031051832087-Login / Registration
 Narrow mouth inserts  50031093011387-Login / Registration
* For vortexing or mixing small volume samples, Agilent recommends using 31051811270 because it provides a secure seal with the cap and septum.