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Industrial Ultrasonic Homogeniser Recirculation Sets

Industrial ultrasonic processor system, e. g. for wet-milling without beads.
  • Dry run safe.
  • For continuous operation (24 h / 7 d).

Items supplied:
Industrial ultrasonic homogeniser, 3 m cable between transducer and generator, connection for remote control and UPC-control, booster B2-1.8, sonotrode BS2d22, progressing cavity pump 230 V~ for viscous media, storage tank, flow through system, reactor chamber, stand, sound protection box, pressure gauge, temperature sensor, pneumatically actuated pressure maintaining valve, refrigeration unit 230 V~, 1/2" hoses, 1/2" tri-clamps, (alternative as 115V~ version), tools.
Technical Data:
Frequency:20 kHz, auto-scan
Amplitude:50 to 100 %
Titanium horn:Ø 34 mm (max. amplitude at horn 25 µm)
Mains supply:230 V~, 50 to 60 Hz
Generator grade:IP40
Transducer grade:IP64
System weight:200 kg
PUOrder No.in Stock 
 UIP1000hd recirculation set100015429487-on demand
 UIP1500hd recirculation set150015429488-on demand
 UIP2000hd recirculation set200015429489-on demand