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Mobile Temperature Data Logger LIBERO PDF Logger® Ti1

Mobile temperature data logger that is capable of evaluating itself, with internal NTC temperature sensor. Typically used for documenting temperature in a refrigerator / freezer (mobile or stationary), in incubators and climatic chambers; in a room or for the cold chain.
  • Temperature evaluation without any additional software / hardware.
  • Immediate visibility of OK / ALARM status.
  • Easy and fast operation and evaluation.
  • Automatically generated evaluation report with statistical information and temperature curve.
  • Connection over USB port, no extra cable or read-out interface required.
  • Complete report will be presented in the form of a directly archievable PDF / A document, statistics and graphics included.
  • Large display informs with a tick-mark (OK) or a cross (Alarm) on the set alarm criteria and shows the most recently measured temperature.
  • By means of the buttons, min. / max. and average temperature can be viewed.
  • In order to avoid any false alerting due to short door openings or to allow for short excursions during transportation, 6 alarm / time zones can be defined.
  • Optionally: detailed evaluation of the incl. raw data possible by means of the elproLOG ANALYZE software.
  • Complies with the rules and regulations of the authorities acc. to FDA 21CFR 11 (Electronic records; electronic signature).
  • At a logging interval of 30 min, the memory capacity lasts for nearly 1 year (333 days).
Technical Data:
Battery:lithium battery, unexchangeable, lasts 400 days
Record mode:start / stop or continuous mode
Temperature measuring range:- 35 to + 70 °C
Operating temperature:logger: - 35 to + 70 °C, display: - 20 to + 70 °C
Accuracy of logger (without external temperature sensor):± 0.2 °C (at - 10 to + 25 °C)
± 0.5 °C (at + 25 to + 70 °C and - 10 to - 35 °C)
Resolution of measured values:1 / 10 °C
Memory:16000 data points
Measuring interval and display renewal:1 to 60 min, programmable
Defined alarms for individual or cumulative limit violation:2 alarm limits or 5 multiple alarm values, compliant with PDA Technical Report No 39
Start delay:0 min to 24 h
Display:multifunctional display, 23.5 x 23.5 mm
Casing:ABS plastic
Protection class:IP 54
95 x 40 x 12 mm
40 g
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