Eschenbach Optik 

Illuminated Magnifiers powerlux

Eschenbach  Illuminated Magnifiers powerlux
  • Very comfortable to hold.
  • Very simple to use, the compact design promotes intuitive movement on the reading material.
  • Consistently bright, glare-free and pinpoint illumination provided by 2 SMD LEDs.
  • Lens with cera-tec® coating.
  • Pinpoint illumination.
  • Switches off automatically after 30 min.
  • Incl. protective hard foam case and 3 AA size batteries.
  • 'Made in Germany'.
 TypeLens sizedptMagnificationDescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/EUR 
 powerlux 14DØ 58 mm143.5 xcold white, approx. 8000 K15430118-122.63 Add product to Shopping Basket
 powerlux 20DØ 58 mm205 xcold white, approx. 8000 K15437447-122.63 Add product to Shopping Basket
 powerlux 20DØ 58 mm205 xwarm white, approx. 3000 K15437448-122.63 Add product to Shopping Basket