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Bench Top Centrifuge EBA 270

Small centrifuge especially designed for use in medical practices for optimal sample preparation. The EBA 270 is supplied with a 6-place swing-out rotor, which accepts common blood or urine tubes up to a volume of 15 ml and accelerates them to a max. speed of 4000 min-1. This corresponds to a RCF of 2254. In a swing-out rotor sedimentation proceeds in the direction of the tube axis, so that the constituents form horizontal layers of uniform thickness. For this reason, sample tubes with a separating gel can provide a clear separation of serum / plasma from the solid constituents of blood and maintain this separation during transportation to the laboratory.
Technical Data:
Max. RCF:2254
Max. RPM (speed):4000 min-1
Max. capacity:6 x 15 ml
Dimensions (H x W x D):239 x 326 x 389 mm
Weight:approx. 13 kg
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 Bench top centrifuge EBA 270, air-cooled15431712-on demand
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