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Portable pH- / Ion- / Conductivity Meter SevenGo Duo pro™ - SG98

Dual channel hand meter for measurements of pH, mV, relative mV, ion concentration and dissolved oxygen via optical RDO sensor: robust, accurate, maintenance-free, with 'Intelligent Sensor Management' (ISM®) and exchangeable cap for renewal of the sensor.
  • The RDO technique allows for faster and more stable measurements and minimised disturbances, even with low oxygen concentrations.
  • Full GxP support: simple, safe operation.
  • 5-point pH calibration with 7 pre-defined and one user-defined buffer set.
  • Data memory of 500 GLP data sets with date / time, sensor-ID and SN, user- and sample-ID.
  • Wireless IR communication.
  • Large graphical display with backlight.
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 SG98-Bmeter, batteries, hand strip and test certificate15429880-Login / Registration 
 SG98-ELK, kitas SG98-B plus electrodes InLab® Expert Pro-ISM, InLab® OptiOx, buffer15429881-Login / Registration
 SG98-FK2, field kitas SG98-ELK plus field case and rubber protective cover15429882-Login / Registration
 SG98-FK5, field kitas SG98-FK2 but with 5 m cable length15429883-Login / Registration