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Automatic Flash Point Testers

The Pensky-Martens resp. Cleveland module must be used with the Multiflash Universal Base unit. The base unit recognises that the module is connected and instantaneously sets up standard test parameters and calibration data. The rapid cooling assy allows the test area to be rapidly cooled in between tests by a blast of compressed air.
  • Post test cool down.

Pensky-Martens flash point tester:
The flash point tester consists of an electrically heated solid block and a air bath with a removeable sample cup and lid. The lid is equipped with a stirrer, rotating shutter and ports for the flash detector and sample temperature probe.
  • Application: fully-automatic determination of the flash point of petro-chemical products corresponding to the Pensky Martens methode with closed cup.
  • Strirrer speed: 105 and 250 min-1.
  • Automatic barometer correction.
  • Standards: ASTM D93 (A+B), ASTM D6751, AASHTO T73, AASTO T172, ISO 15267, IP 34 (A+B), ISO 2719, (A+B), NF M 07-019, EN 22719 (A+B), JIS K 2265.

Cleveland flash point tester:
The Cleveland flash point comprises a sample cup, temperature probe, flash / fire detector and gas / electric ignitor.
  • Application: fully-automatic determination of the flash- and firepoint of petrochemical products corresponding to the Cleveland Open Cup (COC) method.
  • Standards: ASTM D92, FTM 791-1103, IP 36, ISO 2592, JIS K2265-4, AASHTO T48.
Technical Data:
Temperature range:ambient to 400 °C
Weight:12 kg (Pensky Martens)
20 kg (Cleveland)
Mains single phase:110 / 120 V or 220 / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz (switchable)
Power:1 kW
Interface:RS 232
Dry compressed air:max. 670 kPa
Others gas:max. 3 kPa
 TypeCooling time
from 90 to 50 °C
Flash detectorSize
(L x W x H)
PUOrder No.in Stock 
 Basic module   15436976-on demand
 Pensky-Martens module36 min (fan), 6 min (forced air)thermocouple450 x 340 x 40015436974-on demand
 Cleveland module9 min (fan), 6 min (forced air)ionisation ring450 x 420 x 34015436975-on demand
Further modules are available in request.