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Tube Racks / Cuvette Rack

Optimize your workflows through user-friendly handling of clearly arranged samples. Eppendorf Tube Racks and Eppendorf Cuvette Racks are ideal for sample processing, transport, and short- to mid-term storage of samples.
  • Stackable within one rack format and also between all rack variants: saves laboratory space.
  • Non-slip silicone feet and a tilt-proof footprint design ensure safe handling.
  • Wavelike design: tube rows are arranged in different heights so that the reaction vessels are easily accessible and clearly identifiable.
  • Made of PP for high chemical and physical resistance.
  • Optimized space-saving dimensions due to perfect tube position-to-foot print arrangement without compromising the tube handling.
  • Numbered tube positions support fast and easy orientation and error-free handling.
  • Autoclavable (121 ºC, 20 min).
  • The Tube Racks accommodate different tube formats on the same rack (1.5 to 50 ml).
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 Tube Rack0.5 ml test tubes4825444744-Login / Registration
 Tube Rack1.5 to 2.0 ml test tubes36255277342 Login / Registration
 Tube Rack5 to 15 ml tubes1225444745-Login / Registration
Tube Rack5 / 15 / 50 ml tubes1225444746-Login / Registration
 Tube Rackcryogenic tubes3625444747-Login / Registration
 Cuvette Rackcuvettes3625444748-Login / Registration