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Standard Embedding-, Universal- and Biopsy Cartridges

  • Made of high-quality material POM: assures high form stability and heat-cold-resistance of the cartridge.
  • Resistant against solvents.
  • Describable at sides and front.
  • Embedding cartridge suitable for standard metal lids.
  • Finger-friendly handling due to a wide, rounded strap, film hinge and lugs at the lid; multiple opening possible.
  • 11 standard colours available, special colours possible.
 TypeColourDescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Standardwhitewithout lid10005428399-on demand
 Standardrosewithout lid10005428400-on demand
 Standardlight greenwithout lid10005428401-on demand
 Standarddark greenwithout lid5005428402-on demand
 Standardbluewithout lid10005428403-on demand
 Standardlavenderwithout lid5005428404-on demand
 Standardyellowwithout lid10005428405-on demand
 Standardorangewithout lid5005428406-on demand
 Standardredwithout lid5005428407-on demand
 Standardvioletwithout lid5005428408-on demand
 Standardlight greywithout lid5005428409-on demand
 Universalwhitewith removable plastic lid5005428410-on demand
 Universallight greenwith removable plastic lid5005428411-on demand
 Universalbluewith removable plastic lid5005428412-on demand
 Universalyellowwith removable plastic lid5005428413-on demand
 Universalredwith removable plastic lid5005428414-on demand
 Biopsywhitewith removable plastic lid5005428415-on demand
 Biopsyrosewith removable plastic lid5005428416-on demand
 Biopsylight greenwith removable plastic lid50054284172 on demand
 Biopsybluewith removable plastic lid5005428418-Login / Registration
 Biopsylavenderwith removable plastic lid5005428419-on demand
 Biopsyyellowwith removable plastic lid5005428420-on demand
 Biopsyredwith removable plastic lid5005428421-on demand
 Biopsylight greywith removable plastic lid5005428422-on demand