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  • Polished and ready to use.
  • Optimal protection when being dispatched due to shrink wrapping with 5 boxes of 50 slides each.
  • 76 x 26 mm.
  • Cut or ground edges available.
 TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Slideswithout frosted end, cut edges2505428384-on demand
 Slideswith frosted end on both sides, cut edges2505428385-on demand
 Slideswith frosted end on both sides, cut edges, 90°2505428386-on demand
 Slideswith frosted end on both sides, 20 mm, ground edges, 45°, half-white2505428461-on demand
 Süsse Frostwith yellow frosted end, ground edges2505428387-on demand
 Süsse Frostwith green frosted end, ground edges2505428388-on demand
 Süsse Frostwith white frosted end, ground edges2505428389-on demand
 Süsse Frostwith blue frosted end, ground edges2505428390-on demand
 Süsse Frostwith rose frosted end, ground edges2505428391-on demand
With a purchase of at least 30000 pieces also available with special colours.