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QUANTOFIX® Relax Test Strip Reader

System to read QUANTOFIX® test strips. Particularly suitable if results are critical to your decision making. It simplifies testing procedures and decision processes by eliminating the subjectivity of visual readings and by providing higher accuracy.
  • Especially for testing large numbers of strips.
  • Quick testing procedures.
  • Quantitative results across the complete measuring range.
  • Higher accuracy and no in-between value guesswork.
  • No influence of external light or human colour perception.
  • Reproducible results independent from the operator.
  • Increase safety and comfort.
  • Easy result administration.
  • Immediate print outs.
  • Data can be transferred to a computer.

Suitable test strips:
QUANTOFIX® peroxide 25 / 100 / 1000, QUANTOFIX® peracetic acid 50 / 500 / 2000, QUANTOFIX® ascorbic acid, QUANTOFIX® nitrite, QUANTOFIX® ammonium, QUANTOFIX® Chlorine Sensitiv, QUANTOFIX® Phosphate, QUANTOFIX® pH-Fix 2.0-9.0, pH-Fix 5.0-6.0, pH-Fix 0-14, pH, pH-Fix 3.6-6.1, pH-Fix 4.5-10.0, pH-Fix 6.0-7.7, pH-Fix 6.0-10.00, pH-Fix 7.0-14.0, QUANTOFIX® Nitrate 100, QUANTOFIX® Nitrate / Nitrite, QUANTOFIX® Formaldehyde, QUANTOFIX® Sulfide.
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