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Bürkle DEKRA


Bürkle  StopCock
Bürkle  StopCock
Bürkle  StopCock
Bürkle StopCock
The StopCock discharge cocks fit all containers with R 3/4" connection threads. Thread adapters facilitate connection of cocks to nearly all containers.
  • Tight-closing for complete seal.
  • Especially effortless.
  • With connecting cap nut, guaranteed vertical position of the cock.
  • Pressure-resistant up to 2 bar at 20 °C (without discharge bracket and grommet).
  • With discharge angle and rotatable spout preventing drips.
  • With tapered spout for bottles with narrow openings with a Ø from 6 to 8 mm.
  • Thread, inflowing side 3/4" inner thread cap nut.
  • Thread, outflowing side spout / nozzle.

StopCock angled:
  • Media-contacting parts PP, PE and PTFE.
  • Not suitable for solidifying substances.

StopCock PA, electroconductive:
Commercially available spigots made of the materials PE or PP cannot be used for solvents. The spigot StopCock PA is made of electrically conductive PA and therefore perfectly suitable for solvents.
  • DEKRA tested: zone 0, explosion groups II A, II B.

StopCock PA fits onto 3/4" outer threads and with the supplied adapter onto 3/4" inner threads and therefore onto nearly all commercially available canisters and barrels where the discharge thread is at the bottom.
  • Media-contacting parts PA conductive to electricity and PTFE.
  • Supplied with PA adapter conductive to electricity for 3/4" inner thread.
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