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ManuPEP® PRO Pipetting Surface

For manual pipetting. A punctiform illuminated working surface helps
to keep the target position of the pipette in sight at all times. Allows for concentrated working and minimises symptoms of fatigue and therefore the risk of possible mistakes.
  • Very high quality due to prevention of mistakes.
  • Fast working.
  • Efficient results in the laboratory.
  • One single unit: supports all types of microplates (24- / 96- /384-well) by using an universal adapter.
  • Both horizontal and vertical pipetting possible.
  • Can be used with 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12 channel pipettes.
  • 384 and 96 well modes for use with respective microtitration plates.
  • Quadrant mode (8 channel pipette for 96 well microtitration plates can also be used for 384 well trays).
  • Both left- and right-handed operation possible.
  • Pipetting with or without tone accompaniment.
  • Dimmable LEDs.
  • Automatic detection of 24, 96 or 384 trays.
The pipetting surface can be connected to a computer via USB-interface and be operated by inherent pipetting software. Therefore individual sequences are easily programmable and can be saved in the unit. ManuPEP® PRO is also supported by other software providers as a hardware terminal for sample preparation.

tems supplied:
ManuPEP® PRO, wireless foot pedal with batteries (lifespan approx. 2 years), foot pedal cable (in case of need), power supply, 3 aluminium adapters for sample trays (24- /96- / 384-well), 3 sample trays (24- /96- / 384-well), 1 USB-stick with software for programming individual sequences for Microsoft Windows operating systems.
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