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Protran® nitrocellulose membrane

100 % pure nitrocellulose membrane to ensure the highest binding capacity possible. Protran® nitrocellulose does not require a methanol pre-wetting step. This makes Protran® the membrane of choice for proteins which prefer aqueous environments. Prior to transfer, the membrane is simply wetted in water and then placed in the transfer buffer. No other pre-treatment steps are necessary. In addition to high binding capacity, Protran® nitrocellulose membrane inherently have very low background. The superior surface properties of the membrane guarantee superior signal-to-noise ratios, without the need for stringent washing conditions.

BA79 with 0.1 µm pore size, is the membrane of choice for smaller proteins below 7 kD. The 0.2 µm pore size of the Protran® (BA83) nitrocellulose membrane has high surface area, ensuring binding of small proteins below 20 kD by reducing 'blow-through'. The 0.45 µm pore size membrane (BA85) is ideal for larger molecular weight samples. Proven shelf life of bound proteins. Empirical evidence shows that proteins maintain molecular recognition activity for five years on Protran®.
 TypePore size
SizePUOrder No.in Stock  
 Protran® BA79 sheets0.110.2 x 13.3 cm105428603-on demand
 Protran® BA79 sheets0.120 x 20 cm255428604-on demand
 Protran® BA85 roll0.4515 x 300 cm15428606-on demand
 Protran® BA85 sheets0.4525 x 25 cm55428607-on demand
 Protran® BA85 sheets0.4530 x 60 cm55057094-on demand
 Protran® BA85 membrane circles0.45Ø 25 mm1005428723- Login / Registration