AL200 Photometer

The LC-display can be activated via a single keypress. The Infrared interface and data-transfer module (IRIM) enables data to be sent to a computer or directly to a printer.
  • Waterproof acc. to IP68, 1 h at 0.1 m.
  • Automatic switch-off.
  • Real-time-clock and date.
  • Calibration mode.
  • Infrared interface.
  • Storage function.
  • High-quality interference filter technology.

Scroll Memory (SM):
To avoid unnecessary scrolling for the required test method, the instrument memorises the last method used before switching off the instrument. When the instrument is switched on again, the scroll list comes up with the last used test method first.

Zero setting (OTZ):
For certain versions of the instrument it is not necessary to zero the instrument each time. The zero setting is held in memory. The zero setting can be confirmed whenever it is usefull.
Multi-parameter instruments (except COD). Combinations of different parameters are pre-programmed. All necessary reagents are already incl. in the delivery content (exceptions are shown). Every photometer comes ready-to-use in a sturdy carrying case incl. all needed accessories.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:4 batteries (type AA), capacity approx. 53 h
Memory:internal ring memory for 16 data sets
Dimensions (H x W x D):190 x 110 x 55 mm
Weight (basic photometer):approx. 400 g (incl. batteries)
Ambient temperature:5 to 40 °C
Relative humidity:30 to 90 % (non condensing)
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 Photometer AL200, 3in1chlorine, pH, stabiliser, tablet reagents15427738-Login / Registration
 Photometer AL200, 3in1chlorine, pH, stabiliser, liquid reagents15427739-Login / Registration
 Photometer AL200, 5in1chlorine, pH, stabiliser, total alkalinity, calcium-hardness15427740-Login / Registration
 Photometer AL200, 6in1chlorine, pH, bromine, stabiliser, alkalinity-M, calcium-hardness15434663-Login / Registration
Further parameters are available on request.
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