Anton Paar
Abbemat 300 Refractometer

Anton Paar  Abbemat 300 Refractometer
Fast and exact measurement of refractive index. For all application fields. Measuring of liquids to pastes, polymers to solids, turbid, coloured or opaque samples, liquids containing air bubbles or solid particles. No influence from vibrations or other environmental disturbances. All refractometers of Abbemat series offer user levels, Audit Trail function and forgery-proof data export.
  • Simple, user-friendly operation.
  • Membrane keys: resistant to spillage and dirt, can be used when wearing gloves.
  • For test measurements or calibration, a configurable reminder can be set.
  • Automatic warning when sample volume is not large enough for a valid measurement.
  • No sample preparation, measuring results within seconds.
  • Measuring- and temperature range with standard integrated Peltier tempering.
  • A large number of scales is provided to convert refractive index to concentration etc.
  • Qualification documentation (IQ / OQ / PQ) available.
  • Full compliance with 21 CFR part 11.
  • Compliance with international standards like ASTM, ICUMSA, OIML, AOAC, DIN / ISO, FDA, ISI, JIS and pharmacopoeias.
  • Result memory.
  • Adjustment and check history, check intervals and validity checks for each measurement.
Technical Data:
Materials in contact with sample:
Light source:
YAG, FFKM, PP GF 30, st. steel
colour LED light source, Ø lifetime > 100000 h
Min. sample volume:
589 nm
approx. 0.2 ml
Measurement time per sample:5 s (after temperature adaption)
Scales / methods:sugar, syrup and honey, alcohol, urine, serum, more than 70 additional scales
Communication interfaces:RS-232, CAN-bus, 3 USB-Ports
User interfaces:PC with Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7, Softkeys
Dimensions (L x W x H):
300 x 145 x 330 mm
6.5 kg
Measuring range refractive index scale (RI)
Range:1.3 to 1.72 nD
± 0.00001 nD
± 0.0001 nD
Measuring range Brix scale
Range:0 to 100°
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