Mini-Network VACUU.LAN® with 3 Modules Fully Assembled

Three VACUU.LAN® manual flow control modules are mounted and pre-plumbed on a channel to form the mini-network. Each manual flow control module incl. flow control diaphragm to open and close the vacuum port and to fine-tune the pumping speed. Built-in check valves on every manual flow control module help avoid interference among applications on the network. VACUU.LAN® mini-network can be attached to a wall or lab frame or mounted on stand rods using the incl. adjustable support rods. Connection to the vacuum pump via PTFE tubing DN 10 / 8 mm. It can be used for 3 neighbored filtration work places for example. Recommendable pumps: ME 4C NT + 2AK, MZ 2C NT + 2AK.
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