Bartels & Rieger
Respirator Filters, Screw-Type

The filters carry the CE-mark. With screw-thread acc. EN 148-1.
Type A:vapours of organic compounds with boiling points > 65 °C
Type B:inorganic gases and vapours, e. g. chlorine, hydrogen sulfide
Type E:sulfur dioxide
Type K:ammonia
Type Hg:vapours of mercury
Class P2:particles from harmful substances
Class P3:particles from toxic substances
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 Gas filter 66 AA215005558-Login / Registration
 Multi-type gas filter 67 ABEKA2 - B2 - E2 - K115005563-Login / Registration
 Combined filter 80 AStA2 - P2 RD15005565-Login / Registration
 Combined filter 80 BStB2 - P2 RD15005566-Login / Registration
 Combined filter 86 ABEKStA2 - B2 - E2 - K2 - P3 RD15005570-on demand
Combined filter 86 ABEKHgSt ABEK2HgP3 R DA BEK2Hg P3 RD15435010-Login / Registration