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Heratherm™ Security Ovens
Thermo Scientific

Heratherm™ Security Ovens  Thermo Scientific
Heratherm™ Security Ovens  Thermo Scientific
Heratherm™ Security Ovens  Thermo Scientific
Heratherm™ Security Ovens Thermo Scientific
Heating Ovens
The Heratherm™ series provide bench-top models with 60, 100 or 180 l as well as floor models with 400 or 750 l chamber volume and 3 different fittings, each optionally with gravity- or mechanical convection.
  • Very high energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials (reduced use of formaldehyde), reduced heat emission.
  • Programmable timer.
  • Small footprint.
  • Flexible shelf system doubles the number of shelves and therefore the footprint.
  • Very good spatial and temporal temperature stability.
  • Automatic visual and acoustic over-temperature alarm.
  • Very low temperatures at outer wall.
  • Easy to read vacuum fluorescent display.
  • Intuitive user interface for setting temperature.
  • Easy cleaning due to edgeless fabrication.

Heratherm General Protocol:
Perfect for routine daily work from 50 to 250 °C. Chambers made from corrosion-resistant st. steel with rounded corners. Timer, mechanical exhaust vent as well as 2 shelves are incl. as standard.

Heratherm Advanced Protocol:
For a greater flexibility and accuracy of temperature values. With V2A st. steel interior, works up to 330 °C at highly stable temperatures. Digital timer for daily or weekly ON / OFF cycles. Up to 10 cycles can be stored and combined as ramps. Fan speed and air valve can be integrated into ramp programming. Selectable quick start function allows for extremely fast heating.

Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security:
Additional to equipment of the Advanced Protocol series: under-temperature alarm for improved sample protection. With door lock and door alarm to prevent disruption and allow for safe cultures for a long time. The oven desactivates when the samples are dry, saving energy (requieres optional sample temperature sensor). The V2A inner chamber can be supplemented by a st. steel outer housing for pharmaceutical and clinical applications.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:230 V, 60 Hz
Temperature range:50 to 250 °C (General Protocol / Advanced Protocol floor models)
50 to 330 °C (Advanced Protocol benchtop models / Advanced Protocol Security)
DescriptionOrder No.PU Availability 
 OGS60General Protocol60gravity convection54269661Login / Registration- 
 OGS100General Protocol100gravity convection54269671Login / Registration- 
 OGS180General Protocol180gravity convection54269681Login / Registration-
OGS400General Protocol419gravity convection54322651Login / Registration-
OGS750General Protocol774gravity convection54322661Login / Registration-
 OGH60Advanced Protocol60gravity convection54269721Login / Registration- 
 OGH100Advanced Protocol100gravity convection54269731Login / Registration-
 OGH180Advanced Protocol180gravity convection54269741Login / Registration-
 OGH60-SAdvanced Protocol Security60gravity convection54269841Login / Registration- 
 OGH100-SAdvanced Protocol Security100gravity convection54269851Login / Registration-
 OGH180-SAdvanced Protocol Security180gravity convection54269861Login / Registration-
 OGH60 SSAdvanced Protocol60gravity convection, st. steel exterior54269751Login / Registration- 
 OGH100 SSAdvanced Protocol100gravity convection, st. steel exterior54269761Login / Registration-
 OGH180 SSAdvanced Protocol180gravity convection, st. steel exterior54269771Login / Registration-
 OGH60-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security60gravity convection, st. steel exterior54269871Login / Registration-
 OGH100-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security100gravity convection, st. steel exterior54269881Login / Registration-
 OGH180-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security180gravity convection, st. steel exterior54269891Login / Registration-
 OMS60General Protocol60mechanical convection54269691Login / Registration- 
 OMS100General Protocol100mechanical convection54269701Login / Registration-
 OMS180General Protocol180mechanical convection54269711Login / Registration-
 OMH60Advanced Protocol60mechanical convection54269781Login / Registration-
 OMH100Advanced Protocol100mechanical convection54269791Login / Registration-
 OMH180Advanced Protocol180mechanical convection54269801Login / Registration-
OMH400Advanced Protocol396mechanical convection54322671Login / Registration-
OMH750Advanced Protocol731mechanical convection54322681Login / Registration-
 OMH60-SAdvanced Protocol Security60mechanical convection54269901Login / Registration-
 OMH100-SAdvanced Protocol Security100mechanical convection54269911Login / Registration-
 OMH180-SAdvanced Protocol Security180mechanical convection54269921Login / Registration-
 OMH60 SSAdvanced Protocol60mechanical convection, st. steel exterior54269811Login / Registration-
 OMH100 SSAdvanced Protocol100mechanical convection, st. steel exterior54269821Login / Registration-
 OMH180 SSAdvanced Protocol180mechanical convection, st. steel exterior54269831Login / Registration-
 OMH400 SSAdvanced Protocol396mechanical convection, st. steel exterior54323941Login / Registration-
 OMH750 SSAdvanced Protocol731mechanical convection, st. steel exterior54323951Login / Registration-
 OMH60-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security60mechanical convection, st. steel exterior54269931Login / Registration-
 OMH100-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security100mechanical convection, st. steel exterior54269941Login / Registration-
 OMH180-S SSAdvanced Protocol Security180mechanical convection, st. steel exterior54269951Login / Registration-
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