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Analytik Jena 

Analytik Jena
Accessories for PAGE Electrophoresis Units Eco-Mini

Dimensions glass plate (W x L): 11.0 x 10.0 cm.

The gel- / electrophoresis module is suitable for tankblot Eco-Mino C and tankblot Eco-Mini, max. 2 gels.

Comfortable casting stand stand for simultaneous casting of 1 or 2 own gels. Special sealing system for leakproof sealing of gels.

Tankblot Eco-Mini C: modular concept incl. buffer tank EBC (with cooling base), bigfoot safety lid, blot module, 2 blotting cassettes (colour-coded), 4 foam pads and manual. Note: buffer tank EBC can be used with electrophoresis module.

Blot module incl. 4 blotting cassettes for tankblot Eco-Mini C and tankblot Eco-Mini. The blot module is suitable for PAGE electrophoresis units Eco-Mini EB and Eco-Mini EBC.
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 Glass plate, fixed spacers, 1.0 mm15431302-Login / Registration
 Glass plate, fixed spacers, 0.75 mm15431303-Login / Registration
 Glass plate, fixed spacers, 1.5 mm15431304-Login / Registration
 Notched glass plate15431305-Login / Registration
 Gel- / electrophoresis module, 2 gels15431321-Login / Registration
 Casting stand, 1 to 2 gels15431322-Login / Registration
 Tankblot Eco-Mini C15431417-Login / Registration
 Blot module15431418-Login / Registration