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Laboratory Chamber Furnaces Tmax 1100 °C

Chamber furnaces for research and laboratory applications. High-quality materials for high efficiency, reliable operation and long service life. Practice-oriented constructions.
  • Very high temperature uniformity inside the furnace chamber.
  • Double-walled housing with rear-ventilation to ensure low outer-casing temperatures.
  • Parallel-guided door moving up-wards with hot insulation surface to the rear, away from operator.
  • Insulation made of high grade ceramic fibre with low thermal mass.
  • Door collar made of strong fire bricks.
  • Wear-resistant fire brick insulation in the furnace bottom.
  • Delivery incl. ceramic bottom plate.
  • Heating elements on ceramic supporting tubes, mounted in front of the insulation for free heat radiation.
  • Powerful heating elements in both sides providing fast heating rates.
  • Heating elements controlled by solid state relays for very precise temperature control, wear-free and noiseless.
  • Exhaust pipe in the rear wall.
 TypeInside dimension
(W x D x H)
Outside dimens­ions
(W x D x H)
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 KLS 05/11210 x 200 x 150550 x 580 x 65062.023015426345-on demand 
 KLS 10/11200 x 250 x 200560 x 640 x 720102.723015426346-on demand 
 KLS 15/11220 x 300 x 230560 x 640 x 720154.040015426347-on demand 
 KLS 30/11280 x 380 x 280590 x 690 x 790304.040015426348-Login / Registration
 KLS 45/11300 x 500 x 300660 x 810 x 820456.040015426349-Login / Registration