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Crushing Jaws for Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 classic line

Hardened steel for the comminution of brittle, hard samples. Abrasion resistance: good.

Chromium-free tool steel for the comminution of medium-hard samples. Abrasion resistance: good.

Stainless steel for the comminution of medium-hard, brittle samples. Abrasion resistance: fairly good.

Hardmetal tungsten carbide for the comminution of very hard, abrasive samples. Abrasion resistance: extremely good.

Zirconium oxide for the comminution of medium-hard, brittle samples and metal-free grinding. Abrasion resistance: good. Only suitable for crushing ceramic materials, minerals etc. and never for hard-tough samples such as metals.

Manganese steel for the comminution of hard, brittle samples. Abrasion resistance: good.
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Fixed crushing jawhardened steel15426075-Login / Registration 
 Movable crushing jawhardened steel15426077-Login / Registration 
 Fixed crushing jawchromium-free tool steel15426076-Login / Registration 
 Movable crushing jawchromium-free tool steel15426078-Login / Registration 
 Fixed crushing jawstainless steel15426079-Login / Registration 
 Movable crushing jawstainless steel15426080-Login / Registration 
 Fixed crushing jawhardmetal tungsten carbide15426081-Login / Registration
 Movable crushing jawhardmetal tungsten carbide15426082-Login / Registration
 Fixed crushing jawzirconium oxide15426087-Login / Registration
 Movable crushing jawzirconium oxide15426088-Login / Registration
 Fixed crushing jawmanganese steel15426089-Login / Registration 
 Movable crushing jawmanganese steel15426090-Login / Registration 
Mounting rack for the combination PULVERISETTE 1 and 13 classic line / Fritsch, Idar-Oberstein