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Digital Laboratory Refractometers ATR-SW / SW plus

  • Intuitive, user friendly operation.
  • Same menu structure of software allows easy comprehension of all refractometer models.
  • Statistical evaluation of results.
  • Incorporating the GLP requirements, the software meets the particular needs of laboratories in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • The separate stainless steel housing is extremely robust, chemically resistant against most aggressive media and external temperature variation.

  • Determination of refractive index, dry substance and mass percent.
  • Brix measurement.
  • Standard methods acc. to ASTM 1218, 1747 and others.
  • Qualitative analysis - identification of samples and of dissolved solids in water or other solvents.
  • Quantitative analysis of sugars, solvents, glycol, fat, oechsle.
  • Used in food industry, medicine / pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, chemical- and petrochemical industry.
Modular concept with measuring head housed in a separate stainless steel water proof body.
  • Optional flow measurements.
 TypeMeasuring rangeResolutionPUOrder No.in Stock 
 ATR-SW1.33200 to 1.53200 nD, 0 to 95 Brix0.00002 nD, 0.02 Brix15426013-on demand
 ATR-SW plus1.30000 to 1.54000 nD, 0 to 100 Brix0.00001 nD, 0.01 Brix15426014-on demand