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Compact Jerrycan Flachmann

With or without threaded connector ¾". PP, transparent. Autoclavable without stopcock, moulded graduation. Different liquids can be stored and decanted in a small space. Flachmann can also be compactly stored laying on its sides, e. g. in a refrigerator. It is very stable due to its ribbed structure and thick walls. Before autoclaving unscrew the cap so that the threads are not engaged.
Technical Data:
Dimensions (W x D x H):65 x 335 x 335 mm
Opening Ø:41 mm
Capacity:5 l
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 Compact jerrycan Flachmannwithout threaded connector54259841Login / Registration-
 Compact jerrycan Flachmannwith threaded connector54259851Login / Registration-
 Compact jerrycan and stopcock setincl. jerrycan Flachmann and stopcock Compact54259831Login / Registration-
 Compact jerrycan and stopcock setincl. jerrycan Flachmann with glands, spigot StopCock54352661Login / Registration-
 Support stand Flachmannfor 2 compact jerrycans54344021Login / Registration-
Support stand Flachmannfor 3 compact jerrycans54344031Login / Registration-
Stopcocks are available on request.
Stopcock Compact / Bürkle
BürkleStopCock / Bürkle