Hellma® Analytics
Micro Cells

Hellma® Analytics  Micro Cells
Hellma® Analytics  Micro CellsHellma® Analytics  Micro Cells    
For photometry and spectrophotometry.
Height:45 mm (with stopper 46 mm)
Width:12.5 mm
Inside width:2 mm
Light path:10 mm
 TypeWindow materialClosureTransmission
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104.002-OSoptical special glassPTFE lid320 to 2500700 15432676-59.51 Add product to Shopping Basket
104.002-QSquartz glass SUPRASIL®PTFE lid200 to 2500700 15432649-109.46 Add product to Shopping Basket
104.002B-OSoptical special glassPTFE lid320 to 2500700side walls black15144562-76.95 Add product to Shopping Basket
 104.002B-QSquartz glass SUPRASIL®PTFE lid200 to 2500700side walls black15432650-181.13 Add product to Shopping Basket
115-QSquartz glass SUPRASIL®PTFE stopper200 to 2500400 15432645-149.63 Add product to Shopping Basket
115B-QSquartz glass SUPRASIL®PTFE stopper200 to 2500400 15432646-254.25 Add product to Shopping Basket
Other light path and materials are available.