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Sartolab® RF / BT Filter Systems

Sartorius  Sartolab® RF / BT Filter Systems
Sartorius Sartolab® RF / BT Filter Systems
Sartolab® disposable sterile filter systems and bottle top filters are designed for the vacuum filtration of tissue culture media and components, biological fluids and other aqueous solutions. For laboratory use only, not for human parenteral applications. All units are sterilised by gamma irradiation.

The filter units contain membranes integrally sealed to a support grid designed to maximise flow and reduce foaming and protein denaturation. The membrane is compatible with most aqueous solutions and tested for use in cell culture applications.
  • Filter funnels, dust covers and receiver bottles are manufactured from virgin, heavy metal-free polystyrene.
  • Tubing adapters, filter adapters and plug seal caps are made from heavy metal-free polyethylene.
  • Sartolab® filter systems are available with polyethersulfone membranes.
  • 0.22 µm PES membrane.
  • Single, sterile packed.
  • Bottles are single-use containers, not autoclavable, usable with temperatures up to 70 °C.
Bottle top (BT):bottle top filters suitable for bottles with thread GL45
Receiver flask (RF):complete filter unit with receiver, flexible vacuum tubing adapter and a lid
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