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Classic Autoclaves

Kleinfeld  Classic Autoclaves
Kleinfeld Classic Autoclaves
For sterilisation of liquids (media) and solids and elimination of the risk of cross infection through contaminated waste in the school laboratory. Classic autoclaves are available in two sizes and ideal for a variety of laboratory processes. It fits neatly on a work-bench and is easy to operate.
  • Built-in software ensures exact temperatures are reached for the correct duration, every time.
  • Stable.
  • Eliminates the risk of super-heated vessels exploding.
  • Ensures expensive glassware is protected during the controlled cooling process which means liquids will not leak out.
  • Prevents the escape of gas or vapour.
  • Removes the potential of accidental overbalance whilst sterilising.
  • Fully automatic 'set & forget': the user only needs to load the equipment into one of the special baskets and then set the programme with a one-touch button, without the need of control afterwards.
  • Incl. basket.
  • With pressure indicator, process monitoring, fault alert and cassette option.
  • 2 years unlimited parts warranty, 10 years warranty on pressure chamber, lifetime warranty on heating element.
  • Fully CE marked to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EC.
  • Autoclave for solids and liquids with interlock: additional safety interlock lid, prevents the unit being opened until temperature reached < 80 °C; needed for liquids (media) being sterilised in glass vessels.
  • Classic 126 with accessories: incl. jack for instrument trays and cartridge racks, 3 cartidges with holder.
Technical Data:
Chamber Ø:210 mm
Power supply:230 V, 1500 W, 50 to 60 Hz
Min. sterilising time:Classic 121: 16 min
Classic 126: 11 min
Classic 134: 3 min
Total cycle time:Classic 121: 26 min
Classic 126: 22 min
Classic 134: 20 min
Sterilising temperature:Classic 121: 121 °C
Classic 126: 126 °C
Classic 134: 134 °C
Operating pressure:Classic 121: 1.05 bar
Classic 126: 1.4 bar
Classic 134: 2.2 bar
Max. load
Order No.PU Availability
 Classic 121*9228 x 340 x 3354.5236354259881Login / Registration-
Classic 121, with interlock9200 x 340 x 3353.8228354259911Login / Registration-
Classic 121, with interlock12290 x 340 x 4204.3318454259921Login / Registration-
 Classic 1269228 x 340 x 4204.5236354256671Login / Registration-
 Classic 12612290 x 340 x 4204.5328454256681Login / Registration-
Classic 126, with manometer12290 x 340 x 4204.5328454259871Login / Registration-
 Classic 126, with accessories9228 x 340 x 3354.5236354259931Login / Registration-
 Classic 1349228 x 340 x 3355.6236354256691Login / Registration-
A wide range of accessories are available on request.
* 120 V, 1200 W.
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