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Double Beam Spectrophotometers UV / VIS Libra S60PC / S60

Libra S50PC / S60PC / S70PC / S80PC:
Supplied with Resolution PC software incl. quick read, quick scan, fixed wavelength, wavelength scan, quantitative analysis, kinetics, method developer and validation modules plus USB connection cable.

Libra S50 / S60 / S70 / S80:
Built in software modules incl. fixed wavelength, wavelength scanning, calibration curves, kinetics, equation editor and pre-stored life science applications. Software is available in multiple languages and includes onboard data / method storage and user log on. Supplied with print via computer ("PVC") software and USB cable allowing automatic data export and printing via PC.
Wavelength range:190 to 1100 nm
Wavelength reproducibility:± 0.1 nm
Photometric accuracy:± 0.002 A at 0.5 A
± 0.004 A at 1 A
± 0.006 A at 2 A
Photometric reproducibility:± 0.002 A at 1A
Scan speed:> 2400 nm / min
Noise:< 0.002 A near 2 A at 546 nm peak to peak
< 0.00005 A RMS at 0 A at 700 nm and 500 nm over 20 measurements
Libra S60PC:
PC controlled scanning UV / VIS spectrophotometer.

Libra S60:
Stand alone scanning UV / VIS spectrophotometer with colour touchscreen and USB interface for data / method storage.
Technical Data:
Type:double beam
Wavelength accuracy:± 0.5 nm across wavelength range
Bandwidth:2 nm
Stray light:< 0.05 %T at 220 nm using Nal and 340 nm using NaNO3
Zero stability:± 0.001 A / h
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