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Hellma® Analytics
Semi-Micro Cells

For photometry and spectrophotometry.
Height:45 mm (with stopper 46 mm)
Width:12.5 mm
Inside-width:4 mm
Volume:1400 µl
Light path:10 mm
Order No.PU Availability
6040-OGoptical glass, without lid360 to 250054326861Login / Registration-
104-OSoptical special glass, PTFE lid320 to 250054326771Login / Registration-
104-QSquartz SUPRASIL®, PTFE lid200 to 250054326531Login / Registration-
104B-OSoptical special glass, PTFE lid, black side walls and base320 to 250051444611Login / Registration-
104B-QSquartz SUPRASIL®, PTFE lid, black side walls and base200 to 250054326541Login / Registration-
114-OSoptical special glass, PTFE stopper320 to 250054326781Login / Registration-
114-QSquartz SUPRASIL®, PTFE stopper200 to 250054326551Login / Registration-
114B-QSquartz SUPRASIL®, PTFE stopper, black side walls and base200 to 250054326561Login / Registration-
Other light path and materials are available.