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Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers with Profi Electronic Control System

The demands made on refrigerators and freezers are particularly high in all the sectors of professional use. Whether the issue is the refrigeration performance, specifying the materials, designing the refrigeration components or evolving the design concepts - all the decisions are directed to ensuring the long-term, trouble-free use of our appliances. Therefore Liebherr has a range of purpose-built and factory-designed laboratory appliances in different temperature ranges for numerous applications. The laboratory cabinets are available in different temperature ranges for numerous applications. Liebherrás production facility is certified acc. to ISO 14001 and as part of ActiveGreen environmental protection as well as energy-efficiency are of the utmost importance.

The laboratory appliances incorporating Profi electronic controllers offer many advantages. High-grade materials, high-performance components and accurate workmanship right down to the last detail ensure a high quality. Wherever huge storing capacity is required the large-scale laboratory appliances with Profi electronic controller are the ideal solution.

  • Dynamic cooling system.
  • Profi electronic controller with integrated real-time clock.
  • Castors, thereof two with brake.
  • Integrated, ergonomic handle.
  • Plastic-coated grid shelves and CNS inner liner.
  • Glass door (Order No. 5698650 and 5698652) with LED ceiling light (separately switchable).
  • Hot-gas defrost system for very short defrost cycles.

Security package:
  • Integrated data memory (alarm events and temperature profile).
  • Visual and audible temperature and door alarm.
  • Mains-independent power supply of the electronic controller.
  • Infrared and RS485 interface enabling external documentation.
  • Volt-free contact for alarm forwarding to an external remote warning system.
  • Max. temperature stability and consistency acc. to ISO 60068-3.
  • 3-point calibration.
  • Access port for an external temperature sensor.
  • Lock.
Temperature range
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
(W x D x H)
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 Laboratory refrigerator LKPv 6520597- 2 to + 16533 x 650 x 1550700 x 830 x 215037056986491Login / Registration-
 Laboratory refrigerator LKPv 65235970 to + 16520 x 700 x 1550700 x 830 x 215037056986501Login / Registration-
 Laboratory refrigerator LKPv 8420856- 2 to + 16620 x 850 x 1550790 x 980 x 215037054308851Login / Registration-
 Laboratory refrigerator LKPv 14201361- 2 to + 161236 x 650 x 15501430 x 830 x 215047056986511Login / Registration-
 Laboratory refrigerator LKPv 142313610 to + 161236 x 650 x 15501430 x 830 x 215056056986521Login / Registration-
 Laboratory freezer LGPv 6520597- 9 to - 35533 x 650 x 1550700 x 830 x 215074056986531Login / Registration-
 Laboratory freezer LGPv 8420856- 9 to - 35620 x 850 x 1550790 x 980 x 215084054308861Login / Registration-
 Laboratory freezer LGPv 14201361- 9 to - 261236 x 650 x 15501430 x 830 x 215083056986541Login / Registration-